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COHIBA Final Conference11-12 October 2011

Proceedings of the Final Conference

Venue: Fennia I hall of the Marina Congress Center (2nd floor) located at Katajanokanlaituri 6, 00160 Helsinki, tel. +358 916 661 /fax. +358 916 667 34;

Conference provided an excellent opportunity to hear latest information on the results of COHIBA, and to give response to the project participants for the final phase of reporting until early 2012. 

The Conference aimed to

  • present results of the COHIBA project, which will also support work in the Baltic Sea region countries on hazardous substances, especially on the set of substances in the Baltic Sea Action Plan,
  • discuss methods on identification of the problems of this set of substances and solutions to
  • identify and measure their sources, inputs and pathways and to develop measures to prevent further contamination

The Conference was opened on 11th October with a press-conference and was closed on 12th October late afternoon.

The Conference was attended by more than 140 participants from all Baltic Sea Countries.

Press-release, final programme and proceedings of the Conference are available here:


Session I: Towards Baltic Sea with life undisturbed by hazardous
, 11 October 2011, Tuesday, morning 

Mr. Samuli Korpinen, Project Manager, HELCOM

Ms. Eliisa Irpola, Ministry of Environment of Finland 

Mr. Erik Westin, Priority Area Coordinator, Swedish Environmental Protection Agency

Ms. Ansa Pilke, COHIBA Project Manager, Finnish  Environment Institute (SYKE)

Session II:  Main results of the COHIBA project: Towards better management of hazardous substances in the Baltic Sea Region, 11 October 2011, Tuesday, afternoon 

Ms. Eva Brorström-Lundén, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute

Ms. Tarja Nakari, Finnish  Environment Institute (SYKE)

Mr. Joachim Heidemeier, The Federal Environment Agency of Germany (UBA)

Ms. Kertu-Kirit Sild, Baltic Environmental Forum Estonia

Mr. Mikhail Durkin, Professional Secretary, HELCOM

Panel discussion 

Moderated by Mr. Mikael Sjövall, Communication Manager, Nordic Environment Finance Corporation (NEFCO)

Session III:  Tools and innovative approaches to control hazardous substances,12 October 2011, Wednesday 

Ms. Pirjo Sainio, Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE), et al.

Mr. Arno Pöllumäe, Estonian Marine Institute, University of Tartu, et al. 

Ms. Hanna Andersson, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, Ms. Maria Pettersson, City of Stockholm

Ms. Anna Palm Cousins, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute

Mr. Ulf Nielsen, Danish Hydraulic Institute (DHI)  

Ms. Natalia Zhilnikova, Centre for Transboundary Cooperation - St.Petersburg, Russia

Ms. Heidrun Fammler, President, Baltic Environmental Forum Group

Mr. Simon Siewert, The Federal Environment Agency of Germany (UBA);

Ms. Eve Menger-Krug, ISI Fraunhofer, Germany

Mr. Valters Toropovs, Baltic Environmental Forum Latvia

Mr. Frank Marscheider-Weidemann, ISI Fraunhofer, Germany

Ms. Mailis Laht, Estonian Environment Research Centre

Language of the Conference was English. A translation to limited number of Russian participants was arranged.

A pre-conference excursion was arranged on Monday, 10 October 2011 in the afternoon to Viikinmäki waste water treatment plant

A buffet dinner was arranged for seminar participants on Tuesday evening 11 October 2011.

Registration and fees
Deadline for registration was 30 September 2011


There are no participation fees to the Conference. Accommodation and travels should be arranged by the participants.

For further information, please contact:

Helsinki Commission is the partner hosting the conference.

Practical arrangements:

Ms. Leena Heikkilä, Helsinki Commission,
Ms. Teija-Liisa Lehtinen, Helsinki Commission,

Programme of the conference:

Mr. Mikhail Durkin, Professional Secretary, Helsinki Commission,
Ms. Ansa Pilke, COHIBA Project Coordinator, Finnish Environment Institute SYKE,



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